Blindness research paper

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    Seeing a treasured cat go blind, either gradually or suddenly, can be a devastating experience because we tend to equate vision loss in cats with human blindness. We need to remember, though, that cats are terrifically resilient. Cats don't need seeing eye dogs find their way around, nor do they need to learn braille in order to communicate. They will use their enhanced senses of smell, hearing, and touch (whiskers and other vibrissae hairs on their feet and their face) to compensate for their vision loss, so well that casual visitors may not even be aware that your cat is blind.

    The Virginia Murray Sowell Center is housed at Texas Tech University College of Education. It prepares specialists in visual impairment, orientation and mobility, and deafblindness. It promotes quality research to address the academic and social needs of school-age students with visual and other sensory impairments and provides public service to assist local, national, and international constituencies. The Center offers degree and certification programs in visual impairment (VI), orientation and mobility (O&M), and deafblindness (DB). Scholarships are offered for students in both degree and certification programs. The students in the program are often found throughout Texas and the bordering counties, as most of the programs are available through distance education.

    Blindness research paper

    blindness research paper


    blindness research paperblindness research paperblindness research paperblindness research paper