Bpos in india essay

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India is now the world's favored market for BPO companies, among other competitors, such as, Australia, China, Philippines and Ireland. The BPO boom in India is credited to cheap labor costs and India's huge talent pool of skilled, English-speaking professionals. Research by the National Association of Software Services and Companies (NASSCOM) has revealed that quality orientation among leading BPO companies, 24/7 services, India's unique geographic location and the investor friendly tax structure in India have all made the BPO industry in India very popular.

It is also important to have a presence in both the premium and the mass market segments. Premium segments generate prestige and profits. And the mass market generates the volumes to keep the company, suppliers and dealers financially viable. Not all manage to straddle this task. The consumer electronics brands of the US and Europe have evaporated due to their abandoning the mass market. Separate brands for these two segments generally help. However, there are successful companies like Harley Davidson and BMW in motorcycles which only operate in the premium segment.

Bpos in india essay

bpos in india essay