Carver cathedral essay

Choice of point of view can change the tone and entire meaning gained from a story. The tone of this story would have been much different if it were written from the wife's point of view. She would not have been seen as the static nagging wife stereotype, the husband himself would have probably be viewed as unsupportive and a slacker, and the reader would have gained a better understanding of who this blind man was. However, for the sake of the story, the importance of the blind man is that he is blind. This is what is important to the narrator and this is what the reader has no choice but to find important.

Carver served as the founding editor of the Chico State literary magazine Selection in 1960 and the UC Santa Cruz journal Quarry (later Quarry West ) in 1971. He also edited the Spring 1963 issue of Toyon at Humboldt State . Carver also selected the contents for the book Syracuse Poems and Stories 1980 ( Syracuse , .: Department of English, Syracuse University , 1980). He also selected, along with Shannon Ravenel, the stories included in The Best American Short Stories 1986 (Boston: Houghton Mifflin , 1986) and edited American Short Story Masterpieces (New York: Delacorte Press, 1987) with Tom Jenks.

Carver cathedral essay

carver cathedral essay


carver cathedral essaycarver cathedral essaycarver cathedral essaycarver cathedral essay