Essay on effects of brain drain in india

In this essay, Bergson also asserts that there is a central cause that all comic situations are derived from: that of mechanism applied to life. The fundamental source of comic is the presence of inflexibility and rigidness in life. For Bergson, the essence of life is movement , elasticity and flexibility , and every comic situation is due the presence of rigidity and inelasticity in life. Hence, for Bergson the source of the comic is not ugliness but rigidity. [44] All the examples taken by Bergson (such as a man falling in the street, one person's imitation of another, the automatic application of conventions and rules, absent-mindedness, repetitive gestures of a speaker, the resemblance between two faces) are comic situations because they give the impression that life is subject to rigidity, automatism and mechanism.

Although medical experts are aware of a large number of parts and functions of the brain, some astounding new discoveries are made after short intervals. For example, there is an ongoing research on ‘mirror neurons’ which have been termed as the part of the brain responsible for mirroring of actions and behaviors among humans and some other mammals. Researchers have highlighted the possibility that mirror neurons in human brain are responsible for development of human intelligence and therefore the civilization as we know it. Due to mirror neurons, humans were able to communicate using gestures which evolved into languages. With the rise of languages, humans started to develop and share knowledge which was used for development of the society. In light of the knowledge on human brain available to medical scientists, human brain can be divided into four main parts known as cerebral lobes, which are: frontal lobe, parietal lobe, temporal lobe and occipital lobe. The functions of frontal lobe include: controlling attention, intrapersonal thinking, ability to solve problems, and physical reactions. Thus, frontal lobe performs all the tasks that contribute towards the intelligence of the individual. These functions are extremely important as without these functions, an individual may not be able to think and therefore perform any of the day to day tasks. The parietal lobe is responsible for processing all the sensory information received by organs. The temporal lobe is responsible for controlling and retaining visual and auditory data in addition to language. Lastly, the occipital lobe is the smallest of all four cerebral lobes. This part of the brain is responsible for visual reception and processing, recognition of colors, and movement.

Essay on effects of brain drain in india

essay on effects of brain drain in india


essay on effects of brain drain in indiaessay on effects of brain drain in indiaessay on effects of brain drain in indiaessay on effects of brain drain in india