Essay on the road cormac mccarthy

            Cormac McCarthy’s novel The Road has become an instant American classic, since its publication in 2006.  The novel was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and not without good reason; its dark post-apocalyptic take on the relationship between a father and son cuts deep into the core of the worst and best aspects of human nature.  Their development throughout their journey in the novel reveals much about manhood and the conflict between morality and what’s needed for survival. Need essay sample on "Cormac McCarthy The Road" ? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you for only $/page

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Regardless of the many charred bodies, ghastly horrors, evils, and vanished ethics of the human race that The Road portrays, the novel evinces an ambiguous hope in the possibility that goodness lies buried deep within the human frame. The forms are gone, but love can yet evoke that which can be known beyond language. This attitude makes The Road a profound and poignant work. There is a fearless wisdom in McCarthy’s speculations. The novel invokes a fierce vision, but it is a vision wrought by shreds of optimism and the rules of redemption. The Road , despite the emptiness it ostensibly professes, nonetheless brims with a penetrating insight that obliges readers to reckon with the uneasy precariousness of what it means to be human. The collapse of the world is secondary to the collapse of all that is humane.

Essay on the road cormac mccarthy

essay on the road cormac mccarthy


essay on the road cormac mccarthyessay on the road cormac mccarthyessay on the road cormac mccarthyessay on the road cormac mccarthy