Essay usage cell phones

The contribution of advancement of technology is inevitable and the communication sector has experienced tremendous development .Mobile phone is amazing invention of science . Now a days this device is indeed valuable and handy . The need of cell phone is undeniable and it has great importance . Almost 100% people of earth use this.
Though it has innumerable uses in our life, sometimes it becomes nuisance. The exercise of this gadget in past is only limited to receive and call the contact but now it has vast implication . The function has been increased such as internet surfing, camera etc.
However , some public places has restricted the use of mobile phone . i simply oppose to banning the mobile phone in public areas is not a good idea rather this decision has deprived human rights . We never know when an emergency could occur and in that time mobile would be a safeguard. For instance , when individual are accessible with device , information about theft and death can be conveyed to the individual.
In contrast , in some cases indiscriminate use of mobile phone has become a serious concern as people speak loudly, hampered the privacy of others.
Although we are concerned about the misuse , most people are aware of the public behavior . They can talk softly and moved to corner . In this case silent mood can likely be a solution .
To conclude that, there are few things in the world which do not have two side effects of implication .In this circumstances banning the use of mobile cannot be wise decision . To lessen the problem awareness can be increased among the people . Creating and effective rules to use cell phone could be difference.


Essay usage cell phones

essay usage cell phones


essay usage cell phonesessay usage cell phonesessay usage cell phonesessay usage cell phones