Example of note cards for research paper

Looking for free, printable music note values flash cards? You're welcome to download the free music notes and their durations flash cards files below for your personal or educational use. Created by a music professional and graphics expert , this note values flashcards set includes 16 music notes, including 8 dotted notes - whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, 8th notes, 16th notes, 32nd notes, 64th notes, and 128th notes. They're a great multi-purpose set for music teacher handouts, testing, study, and much more - and in easy-to-use PDF format.

     3.  When do I need to send a thank you gift in addition to a note?

This is really a judgment call on your part. A big over-the-top gift for a comparatively minor favor might embarrass the recipient and backfire on you. For example: Did you see the Seinfeld episode where Elaine buys George a cup of coffee, so he buys her a coffeemaker as a thank you? Elaine was more confused than impressed. In this case, a simple verbal "thanks" when George received the coffee would have been sufficient.

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Example of note cards for research paper

example of note cards for research paper


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