Gates scholarship example essays

Also in the health professions is the HRSA scholarship . The scholarship for disadvantaged students (SDS) program is open for the lawful permanent citizen or resident of the US that belongs to the disadvantaged section. The application for the HRSA scholarship program needs to done online. The funds under this scholarship are awarded to the accredited schools and hence the schools are responsible for selecting the recipients annually. The selection is based on the need and the background verifications, and the scholarship amount distributed to individuals would be limited to the total cost of attendance for the program – including tuition fees, educational expenses and living expenses.

Mary Gates Leadership Scholarships encourage undergraduate students to develop their leadership abilities through practical experience, personal reflection and in community with mentors and peers. With the support of a Leadership Scholarship, you can devote more time to pursuing an activity or project that interests you and that will allow you to expand your leadership capacity. In the application process, we ask you to articulate your own understandings of leadership, what you want to learn, and how you think the activity you have chosen will support your learning goals. Additionally, you must identify a mentor to provide you guidance and encouragement throughout your application process and award period.

Gates was an executive who met regularly with Microsoft's senior managers and program managers. In firsthand accounts of these meetings, the managers described him being verbally combative. He also berated managers for perceived holes in their business strategies or proposals that placed the company's long-term interests at risk. [55] [56] He interrupted presentations with such comments as "That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard!" [57] and "Why don't you just give up your options and join the Peace Corps ?" [58] The target of his outburst then had to defend the proposal in detail until, hopefully, Gates was fully convinced. [57] When subordinates appeared to be procrastinating, he was known to remark sarcastically, "I'll do it over the weekend." [59] [60] [61]

Gates scholarship example essays

gates scholarship example essays


gates scholarship example essaysgates scholarship example essaysgates scholarship example essaysgates scholarship example essays