Good thesis statements comparing contrasting essays

Be sure to choose only the arguments you will be able to illustrate and develop in your essay. Feel free to revisit your thesis statement and rewrite it while you work on your paper and want to add or change something. If you decide to use the thesis statement suggested above, you will need to write one paragraph discussing a relationship between literacy of population and economic development of the country. Another paragraph should shed light on the current situation in Africa. Try to find the latest stats on education and economy in Africa. Numbers often speak louder than words when you need to illustrate your point and to persuade readers to share your position. The third paragraph should address the question of humanitarian aid and the attitude of the locals to it. Finally, make sure to repeat your thesis statement in the conclusion part, but use different wording.

Writing a thesis with this much depth is tricky. Personally, I find it extremely difficult to break through to a thesis that accomplishes more than the first two goals right away.  Something that I have often noticed in my own writing is that I will write an entire paper on what I think is my thesis, only to find that a more in-depth, well-developed thesis appears in for the first time in the conclusion. If you’re having trouble with your thesis, it may be a good idea to begin writing your paper, and only finalize your thesis once you have already started analyzing your topic. Not only does this take the pressure off of you in the beginning, it allows you plenty of time to truly develop your ideas before you draft your actual thesis.

Having considered what a good thesis statement can do for you, let us quickly see why writing one is usually difficult for some scholars. A good thesis statement can only be executed by a constructive writer. Why?… because such kind of writing is meant not just to attract its potential audience but also elicit their response somehow. This is because your readers must be able to clearly see the progression of the author’s’ ideas as well as identify the orientation of the subject through your statement. Your paper should also trigger their response, having understood the key argument in your writing.

Good thesis statements comparing contrasting essays

good thesis statements comparing contrasting essays


good thesis statements comparing contrasting essaysgood thesis statements comparing contrasting essaysgood thesis statements comparing contrasting essaysgood thesis statements comparing contrasting essays