Guelph thesis landscape architecture

Tracy Taylor wrote a paper for the Journal of Sport and Social Issues . In it she wrote "...This research investigates issues of cultural diversity & inclusiveness in women's netball in Australia using the rhetoric of exclusion. Women & girls from culturally diverse backgrounds spoke of reinforced difference & cultural assimilation in their netball experiences. Women born in other English-speaking countries recalled feelings of inclusion & limited cultural dissonance & indicated that netball helped them feel as part of their new community & gain social capital via participation. Although experiences of explicit exclusion or racial discrimination were virtually nonreported, some women felt a strong sense of cultural conformity to Anglo-centric expectations of behavior. The women's stories & experiences suggest that women from culturally diverse backgrounds have found few opportunities to express their cultural distinctiveness through mainstream Australian sports such as netball. The conclusion reached after this examination is that the rhetoric of exclusion is pervasive in Australian netball & unlikely to change in the near future. 1 Table, 76 References. [Reprinted by permission of Sage Publications Inc., copyright 2004.]" (Taylor)

Paul Sokoloff has over 35 years of clinical, administrative, and consulting experience in healthcare.  Prior to his current position as Director of OD for Truman Medical Center he spent 15 years as Director of Organizational Development for Carondelet Health.  For 25 years Mr. Sokoloff was an adjunct faculty member at Ottawa University where he taught classes in Leadership, and Organizational Behavior.  A graduate of the Research School of Nursing, he received his BA in Health Care Management from Ottawa University and his Master of Public Administration from the Bloch School of Business and Public Administration at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.  

Guelph thesis landscape architecture

guelph thesis landscape architecture


guelph thesis landscape architectureguelph thesis landscape architectureguelph thesis landscape architectureguelph thesis landscape architecture