How to quote a poem title in an essay

Hello! So I’ve had this idea blooming in my head for a while know but now that I’ve started writing it I have no idea about how to come up with a title for it. Basically there is a dancer named Astrid Avelyset. She has been forbidden of many things by her mother, some of which include individuality, friends, boys, and most importantly dancing. She runs away from her home realm the Eternal Vale and her mother for a new beginning in the Winter Isles, but things don’t go quite so well as she had planned. She runs into a band of thieves who capture her and bring her to the Hollow Desert (which is an arctic tundra thought to be basically devoid of all life) where their army of men is. She is forced to perform for them and please their every whim. However, she has one sympathizer that no one knows about. He goes by the name of Eliah Lukkas. I haven’t figured it all out yet but thats a start on what I have. Any title ideas? Thanks!

Hi Debra,
Found your site when I Googled Jenny’s poem. Love it so much that it’s going to be one of my first calligraphy projects (my father gave me his pens and assorted kit last year). I’ll get round to it one day, but that depends on me being able to sit down for more than 5 minutes!
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Keeping the faith in the UK xx

How to quote a poem title in an essay

how to quote a poem title in an essay


how to quote a poem title in an essayhow to quote a poem title in an essayhow to quote a poem title in an essayhow to quote a poem title in an essay