Kate chopin the storm essay

In his book Women and Autonomy , critic Allen Stein stated that “From first chapter to last, ‘The Storm,’ is pervaded by ambiguity. The plot is clear enough, but little else is. That within the compass of the story’s five pages Chopin offers, to varying degrees, the points of view of five different characters suggests no implicit consensus of vision but only a sense of fragmentation, a sense perhaps that with any significant situation points of view are as numerous as those involved and, further, that with many pieces of significant fiction readings are as numerous as readers.” [17]

There's something tragic in seeing two people experience such pleasure and happiness, all the while knowing that it can't last. Alcée and Calixta both find extreme physical happiness together, which it's clear that they aren't getting in their marriages. Yet after having experienced that pleasure, they have to return to their normal lives. It almost seems cruel. Would it be better not to experience such happiness if it's only fleeting? Or does it seem like Chopin's story is telling us to seize the moment, that a sliver of happiness is better than none at all?

Kate chopin the storm essay

kate chopin the storm essay


kate chopin the storm essaykate chopin the storm essaykate chopin the storm essaykate chopin the storm essay