Master of arts in nursing thesis

Regardless of the career path you choose, rest assured that by earning your Master's Degree in Nursing you are impacting the profession in a positive way. As the landscape of healthcare evolves, a more educated, autonomous and skillful nursing workforce is needed to provide and manage care for our patients, our communities and our nation. By heeding the call by healthcare leaders to earn your advanced degree , you align yourself with the growing segment of nurses who believe that now is the perfect time to take advantage of the many graduate degree programs, educational funding opportunities and rewarding employment options that result from earning a Master's in Nursing.

Walden’s online Master of Arts in Teaching with a specialization in Special Education (K–Age 21) is ideal for those who already have a bachelor’s degree or higher and are interested in becoming a teacher . This online program is well-suited for independent, self-directed learners with excellent time-management skills. It incorporates a series of academic requirements, or milestones, designed to ensure you have acquired the necessary competencies and expertise to be a more effective educator. At each milestone, your progress within the program will be evaluated using assessments that align with national professional standards. Walden’s faculty will help you master core concepts and principles, while our student support services can provide additional academic, advising, and technical assistance. Successful advancement beyond each milestone certifies that you have the knowledge, skills, and professional dispositions to make a positive impact in your classroom, school, and community.

Clayton State University Master of Science (MSN) in Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) program is designed to prepare professional registered nurses for APN roles as culturally competent primary providers of clients, families and communities. Course and clinical work emphasizes the care of adult, pediatric and geriatric patients and their families. Post BSN students enrolled in the program will be required to take 46 credit hours with 630 hours of clinical experiences. Students possessing an MSN will receive credit for 6 hours and will be exempt from 3 classes, but will still need 630 clinical hours.

Master of arts in nursing thesis

master of arts in nursing thesis


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