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With Ginger Proof Reader writing is quicker and easier. You’ll never need to ask others to proofread your texts. Use Ginger’s online proofreader to check your texts or download the full application which also includes the ability to listen to your texts and a complete learning platform to help you learn from your own mistakes and avoid repeating them in the future. Ginger can help you reduce the time you spend and the effort you make when proofreading your texts. Instead, you can spend more of this precious time on content and ideas. Don’t let mistakes get in your way. Start using Ginger Software’s proof reader today!

I’ve used Movie Magic for years and never looked back. Exports to PDF look good, spellchecker works for Spanish and English, formatting on the page can be changed at will, will read your screenplay back to you and you can assign voices to different characters, can copy a script format that you may have setup before and apply it to a new script at will, can setup the Flypage any way you want, search and replace forward or backwards for whole words or any string of words works great, and it unfortunately allows you to cheat really well too (which I do not approve) but some folks sometimes need to condense a 120 page script down to 100 pages without deleting action or lines. I’ve used versions of this software since 1997 and can’t recommend it enough. It works really well.

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Online writing software

online writing software


online writing softwareonline writing softwareonline writing softwareonline writing software