Organ transplant research papers

Please contact the Organ Donor Foundation on:
0800 22 66 11 Toll Free line DURING OFFICE HOURS , or
082 318 4376 Emergency line AFTER HOURS .

An Organ Donor Foundation staff member will ask you to provide the following details:

  • Name of your loved one
  • Cause of death
  • Time of death
  • Age of your loved one
  • Is your loved one at a hospital or at a mortuary or undertaker?
  • The area where your loved one is situated
  • Your name, contact number and relation to the deceased

I think they do it here (apart from entirely sanitary considerations in the case of people who have died from nasty diseases), here in India, mainly because they are very afraid of all these little entities that come from desires, impulses — things which are dispersed in the air and which make ‘ghosts’ and all kinds of things. All desires, all attachments, all those things are like pieces that break off (each one goes its own way, you see), then these pieces gain strength in the surrounding atmosphere, and when they can fasten on to someone, they vampirize him. Then they keep on trying to satisfy their desires (15).”

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Organ transplant research papers

organ transplant research papers


organ transplant research papersorgan transplant research papersorgan transplant research papersorgan transplant research papers