Psychology dissertation marking criteria

The PhD program's instruction is established on the principle that the study of human behavior should include a comprehensive consideration of body, brain, social, and developmental processes. The curriculum upholds this belief with the help of two training grants. Under the Brain, Body, and Behavior training curriculum, students gain the biomedical knowledge necessary to study behavioral and mental health as members of an interdisciplinary research team. Under the Training in Cognitive Aging in a Social Context curriculum, students focus on adult development and aging by blending cognitive and social perspectives. Both curricula challenge our doctoral students to become excellent psychological science leaders in their field, whether in an academic or applied research setting.

Following successful completion of the two preceding dissertation courses, students finish their work on their doctoral dissertation and submit it for final approval during the oral defense. This course affords students the opportunity to draft a discussion section that interprets their findings, as well as an abstract that summarizes their findings. Students also draft their front and back matter, including appendices, tables, and a reference section. The final step in this course is to defend the doctoral dissertation, obtain final committee approval, and submit the document for publication. Prerequisite: PSY-960.

Welcome to the School of Psychology at Georgia Tech. As you roam  our webpage , you’ll notice that p sychology at  GaTech   is rather  unique in a number of ways.   You already know  that  w e are embedded  in one of the leading science and engineering institution of higher education  in the world.   Unlike many of our peers, o ur home col lege is the College of Science, which also houses  the likes of  Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Math.    You’ll see  we have a structure of 5 programs that help us manage the research efforts and provide focused training to our graduate students,  but I can tell you   that  all of  the  faculty move easily between areas.   Finally, you may notice that we are small, intentionally.  It allows us to focus our research and our training in a way that has made us exceptional.    

Psychology dissertation marking criteria

psychology dissertation marking criteria


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