Segalen essay on exoticism

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Édouard Manet’s Olympia , finished in 1863, was based on Titian’s Venus of Urbino. [7] Olympia was a popular play about a courtesan called Olympia. This subject was extremely controversial for an artist to portray a woman like this because of traditional vision of the Academy. Manet was being very different from the accepted academic style by outlining and flattening space that created a distortion of classical elements. Olympia is provocative in her nudity that implies she is naked, not nude. [8] She is looking out in a very confrontational way, and setting the viewer as a man coming to the prostitute, although Olympia’s hand suggests she is not ready to engage with the customer. [9] The African servant calls on racism and slavery in France, because showing someone of color participating in French life was unheard of, furthering the works exotic nature.

Segalen essay on exoticism

segalen essay on exoticism


segalen essay on exoticismsegalen essay on exoticismsegalen essay on exoticismsegalen essay on exoticism