White paper nhs long term conditions

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Rationale 5: To verify catheter tip placement and retain as a record of placement.
Rationale 6: To maintain accurate records.
Rationale 7: To minimise the risk of accidental dislodgement.
Rationale 8: Aim of reducing catheter related bloodstream infections.
Rationale 9: To ensure "no breaks" in technique once a procedure has been started and to reduce the risk of contaminating equipment.
Rationale 10: To minimise the risk of contaminating key parts.
Rationale 11: To prevent contamination.
Rationale 12: Allowing any cleaning solution to dry is vital in order for disinfection to be completed.
Rationale 13: To maintain visibility.
Rationale 14: Risk of infection/reinfusing clots.
Rationale 15: Reduce risk of air embolism.
Rationale 16: To maintain a sealed intravenous system.
Rationale 17: To stabilise the Port and prevent movement with port needle insertion.
Rationale 18: To prevent contaminating the skin over the Port prior to port needle access.
Rationale 19: To check for correct needle position and patency.
Rationale 20: To allow observation of the Port site for any signs of infection/swelling etc.
Rationale 21: To support the Port during port needle removal and prevent possible trauma.
Rationale 22: To prevent backflow of blood into catheter.
Rationale 23: To prevent blood loss or air embolism.
Rationale 24: To reduce the risk of infection.
Rationale 25: To maintain patient safety.

We are looking for coaching and mentoring champions who will be our strategic link to developing a coaching and mentoring culture within their organisation and also support cross-organisational coaching and mentoring. This person will have lead responsibility for setting the coaching and mentoring strategy within their organisation and utilising support from the NHS North West Leadership Academy (NHS NWLA) where appropriate, promoting coaching and mentoring and for supporting coaches, coachees, mentors and mentees across their organisation.  

White paper nhs long term conditions

white paper nhs long term conditions


white paper nhs long term conditionswhite paper nhs long term conditionswhite paper nhs long term conditionswhite paper nhs long term conditions